The Ambi Climate app is able to determine the status of all users who are currently sharing a device. The user list will show the latest activity performed by each user.

Users who check in will be included within the existing multi-user comfort mode for a certain zone allowing their feedback to be factored in within the existing comfort system.

A zone is defined as the location set for a device.

You may check in through these methods:

  • Turning ON the air conditioner manually or via an Ambi mode
  • Switching ON the air conditioner via geolocation arrival settings or via Ambi Climate's known integrations
  • Adjusting temperature, fan or louver settings
  • Providing a comfort or mode feedback
  • Manually check in user to an Ambi

To check out:

  • Manually checking out through the system
  • Triggering geolocation departure
  • Any method of switching OFF the air conditioner (app, integrations, remote control)
  • Selecting away mode