If you have a thermometer or humidity sensor in the room and feel that the readings from Ambi Climate is different, you can calibrate the sensor readings.

  1. Place the thermometer/humidity sensor next to the Ambi Climate device because depending on the circulation and the size of the room, different areas of the room could read slightly different conditions. 
  2. Let your sensors settle down and get the latest readings
  3. Go to Device Settings> Sensor Calibration
  4. Tap the thermometer on the left for temperature calibration or the water droplet for humidity calibration

  5. Drag up and down the slider to calibrate the readings to your other sensors.

Please note that the calibrated readings are prospective and not retrospective. The adjustment will impact the AI analysis going forward. For example, if your room temperature was measured by Ambi Climate 1 degree cooler than your thermometer, the feedback you've given before are based on those readings. Going forward, the new feedback will be based on the now adjusted readings but the analysis previously done that goes into your personalized model is still based on old data. In the next couple of days, the AI should start to adjust based on the new data. Please do not calibrate the sensor frequently. 

If you've already done it once, and think you would need to adjust it again, please contact our in-app support so that we can check it for you.