1. Does your router has whitelisting? If so, please contact in-app support for your device MAC address and add it to your router settings
  2. Are there any special characters or white space in your SSID and/or WiFi password?
    Depending on the firmware version of your Ambi Climate at the time of your setup, it may not accept special characters. If your network currently has special characters, setup the device to a hotspot broadcasted from another phone or computer. Once the device is online, power cycle it, it should prompt the device to update to the latest firmware. The device may be unresponsive during an update and the LED will go out, do not unplug or reset the device during this time.  Once the hardware is firmware updated, you can setup the device to your home network. See here for more information on firmware updates.

If you are experiencing this error and do not have any of the above setup to your router, please place the device next to your router initially to ensure that WiFi signal strength is not a problem. Contact in-app support if you are still experiencing problems.