If you see in the app that it shows "We are updating your device status..." this does not always mean your device is disconnected.
Force quit the app and relaunch it again. This forces the app to fetch the data again. Make sure that your phone is connected to WiFi or Data and have access to internet. 

If you have access to the physical device, take note of the LED color of the Ambi Climate. If it is Teal, it means it's online and connected to our cloud. If it is slow blinking Amber, it means it's lost connection but it will automatically reconnect without the need to reset it. If it's taking longer than a couple minutes to reconnect and become Teal color, unplug the power wait for 10 seconds and plug it back it. It will reboot in 30 seconds and attempt reconnection.

If you are still having problems with your device connection, contact in-app support for us to help troubleshoot the issue for you.