Any IR signals that are similar to the structure of the paired remote of your device will always trigger into manual mode. If you notice these unknown signals in the deployments log, check the timestamp and pay attention to if it was a remote or device that you were using at that time. 

  1. If it was an Ambi Climate adjusting in another room, you could position the individual Ambi Climate's further away from the doorway as the infrared signals will bounce off walls and may travel to the other room unexpectedly. Consider the placement guidelines when relocating your device or talk to us through in-app support and we can make suggestions if we understand the layout of your room.
  2. If you don't know what is sending these signals or noticed it was due to electronics that you control such as the tv remote, smart home hub, IR controlled lights or other appliances, then we recommend disabling the IR receive feature.

 Read more on what disabling the IR receive feature means.