After you've setup your Google Home, Home Max or Home Mini, you can setup the Custom Action.

  1. There are two ways to setup the Custom Action
    1. Speak to your  Google Home, Home Max or Home Mini
      1. "OK Google, talk to Ambi Climate" OR
      2. "OK Google, tell Ambi Climate to turn on AC"
      3. "OK Google, connect to Ambi Climate"
    2. Through browser
      1. Click this link 
      2. Sign in to your Google Home Assistant account
      3. Click "Send to Device" and choose the speaker name if you have multiple devices
        Both will prompt the Google Home, Home Max, or Home Mini to play a sound and say "It looks like your Ambi Climate account is not linked yet, you can link Ambi Climate to your account from the Google Home app"
  2. Return to the Google Home App and you'll see a new card pop up with the option to "Link" Ambi Climate
  3. You'll be redirected to our API page to connect your Ambi Climate account. Sign in using your Ambi Climate app login credentials.
  4. Learn what you can do with Custom Action.