Based on our data, if users enable all the modes for AI selection, we found that Cool/Heat mode does get picked most of the time over modes like Dry, Fan and Auto. In some cases, users who wish to force the AI to pick Dry, Fan and Auto, could de-select Cool/Heat from AI mode preference. From our user data historically, since most users do not end up choosing these modes, whether manually or de-selecting it from AI mode preference, our AI has learned that Cool and Heat is preferred and based on the performance, that it reaches the target best.

Our AI selects modes and settings based on the best match according to the prediction we make on your comfort profile. The setting picked is based on how quickly we can get the room to a comfortable environment. 

Dry mode functions like a weaker Cool mode. Cool air is better at drawing humidity than warmer air, which makes Cool mode, faster at drawing out humidity than Dry mode will. 

Fan mode would technically be selected if the indoor environment is cool /warm enough and is relatively stable. Since it only promotes airflow, if the environment isn't stable, either affected by the activity level in the room, outdoor weather and sunlight, then Fan mode cannot cool or heat the room as necessary, or it would take longer for it to do so naturally in combination of the effect of the environment. 

Auto uses both heating and cooling function of your air conditioner or heat pump (if heating is available) but this is up to the system's program and different models performs differently. Our AI does replace Auto mode because we could do the by same picking from modes as appropriate for the setting. Except, one thing our AI is better at is knowing how your comfort changes and also getting more sensor data than your AC auto mode could get. 

If you wish to use only Dry, Fan and Auto, simply as a personal preference, please de-select Cool and Heat, and the AI will learn and start using more of these modes if this means this makes you feel more comfortable.