Our AI is making a prediction on your comfort in the environment and the settings we send to your air conditioner or heat pump is a projection of how those settings will change your room in the next couple of hours.

When you give feedback (hot/cold), the AI will update it's prediction on your comfort with the latest feedback from you. You'll see that it's updated by looking at the feedback bobble in the middle of the screen, or at the top of the screen just under your device room name or next to the indoor temperature and humidity readings. 

A new feedback will prompt the AI to assess with the latest information on how you feel, the conditions and whether the current setting is sufficient to reach an environment that would feel comfortable to you. Most of the time, this means the AI will adjust it's setting and send a command to device which sends an infrared signal to your air conditioner or heat pump to change the setting. Sometimes, it doesn't.

This could be due to:

  1. AI considers the current setting to be sufficient in changing the conditions to a comfortable one in the next few hours, even considering your new feedback
  2. Current setting is, as known by the AI, already at the lowest/highest possible temperature setting and couldn't adjust it any further in that direction
  3. A prediction was made but the setting was considered to be unreasonable and ignored

If you have this problem, and this is not due to point 2 above, you could simply provide feedback again or give a feedback further up a level from the original, to prompt the AI that you feel not just a bit cold, but too cold.