Your environment plays a big role in impacting how you feel and what settings would be necessary for you to feel comfortable. 

The size, the layout, whether you have windows, the direction of you room could all impact how your room conditions changes overtime. What we need differs at different times and in different conditions (click here to learn why). 

What's the size of the room? This could determine how quickly your room cools/warms or how close you would be relatively to the AC. 

What about the layout? Do you spend your time most in the middle of the room, near the windows, in the corner where the airflow impacts you indirectly or directly?

Does your room have windows and does your room get impacted by the sun most in certain hours of the day? This means the same setting could feel very different because your room is cooling/warming at different rates throughout the day therefore require different settings.

Is it raining or snowing or is it burning hot out? That would also impact how your room cools/warms.

Through the use of A.I., we can learn how your room conditions changes over time with consideration of the effects of outdoor weather, time of day etc.