What feels comfortable varies for different people.

The same temperature may not feel the same to different people.

Even the same temperature at different times of the day or in combination with other conditions could feel different to the same person.

  • Our metabolism changes throughout the day which affects how we perceive the temperature in the room
  • Our clothing will impact how we retain warmth or cool down
  • Certain habits or activities like workouts may mean that we'll need different temperatures to feel comfortable

Contrary to what we are led to believe, due to the way air conditioners are designed to be controlled by, temperature is not the main determinant of how we perceive comfort. For most of our users, this could be weather or humidity.

Our preferences changes over time as well. Due to effects from the weather, the temperature and humidity conditions varies. What we're used to in Summer, may not be suitable for Autumn. Our bodies adapt to the weather, and so even in the same season, what feels right at the start of the season, won't be the same mid-season, or at the end of the season.

Your Personalized Comfort Model

Through the feedback you give to the system, our A.I. is analyzing it against the indoor and outdoor conditions as well as the time of the day, and understands what changes in conditions impacts how you feel; what feedback you give, hot, cold or comfortable.

Understanding what factors impact you and the degree of that impact, allows the system to continually monitor the changes in the environment, predict how you'll react to it, and adjust the settings so that it feels consistent and comfortable to you.

As you give more feedback, you equip our A.I. with better information about you, to better personalize your comfort.

Your personalized comfort model is only used directly in Comfort mode. Learn more about it here.