What feels comfortable is different for everyone.  


Contrary to popular belief, temperature is not the only determining factor of how comfort is perceived.  For many people, other factors, such as weather, luminosity and humidity, also affects their comfort level.  


How Our AI Creates Your Personalized Comfort Model

Our machine learning system is able to create your personalized comfort model through these factors:

Through these factors, our AI learns how you feel in different conditions and considers your recent and historical feedback.  Our system continually learns and monitors what you’re feeling (through feedback) so that Ambi can gradually predict and make adjustments tailored to your specific comfort level.  


As you give more feedback, you equip our AI with better information about you, which ultimately helps to improve your personalized comfort.

Comfort Prediction Indicator

There is a small dot on the dashboard when you’re in “Comfort Mode” that will indicate AI’s prediction of your comfort level. This prediction is based on the current room conditions and what the AI previously learned from your feedback.


Our AI takes this prediction into consideration and is already working on adjusting your AC to reach your comfort level.  How quickly your room condition changes in response to our AI deployment will vary due to various factors (described below) and therefore affect your comfort level.  

 Of course providing your comfort feedback is always essential for training your Ambi and further tailoring to your comfort level. Note that your feedback for your comfort profile is weighed towards your overall, average feedback so do not worry about atypical feedback (such as when you have visitors).


It is important to note that at times, your comfort level is affected by external “wild” factors that cannot be controlled by our AI.  These factors will also affect the timing for your comfort level to be reached.  This includes:

  • Various environmental changes - such as a room with closed doors vs. open doors, windows and wall insulation variance due to seasonal changes (perhaps your apartment get hot easily in the summer but also very cold in autumn)

  • Number of people

  • Your activity level (i.e.when your working out, you feel warmer and your heart rate will be higher)

  • Your AC’s performance


Your personalized comfort model is created for your use in Comfort Mode. Learn more about our Comfort Mode here.