A.I. controls allows you to only enable AC modes that you'd like the A.I. to select from. Our A.I. will only pick based on the modes allowed and decide which mode to use at what temperature setting.

Based on our user data, we've found that Cool and Heat mode performs better and are the most frequently selected modes by our users.

If you have Auto mode, we recommend disabling "Auto" because under Auto Mode, the output from your air conditioner or heat pump is determined by the system's in-built simple algorithm. As we now know, most air conditioners only have a temperature sensor, and the adjustments are not based on your actual condition or considers your preferences. Under Auto mode, there is little room for A.I. to adjust the settings to maximize your comfort.

Please note that AC modes shown on this screen will vary depending on your air conditioner or heat pump model as well as the AC pairing.