After you've setup your Google Home, Home Max or Home Mini, you can setup the Direct Action.

  1. From the Google Home app menu, select "Account">"Settings">"Assistant">"Home Control"
  2. Add ( + ) a new device
  3. Look for Ambi Climate Smart Home from the list and select it. For Android users, you may opt to use the search bar
  4. You will be prompted to input your Ambi Climate credentials
  5. Assign your devices to a room by tapping on the device name and selecting the room it is inPlease note that in Home Assistant, the Room set in the Home Assistant always takes priority, so we recommend having the Home Assistant Room name to be different from the Ambi Climate room name.This is especially the case if you wish to have multiple device control by just naming the Room in Google Assistant.Example
    If you have lights and the Ambi Climate in your bedroom named as "Bedroom". Both are assigned in Home Assistant in Bedroom. When you say OK Google, turn on the bedroom; this will always switch on both the light and the AC in your room as the Room of the Home Assistant Bedroom takes priority over the Ambi Climate device named "Bedroom"

  6. Learn what you can do with Direct Action.