1. Tap Modes

  2. Select Away
  3. Tap the temperature/humidity bubble in the middle of the screen and on the bottom right will show two to three icons
    1. Snowflake - for maintaining  below a temperature limit
      (uses cool mode)
    2. Water drop - for maintaining  below a humidity limit
      (uses cool mode)
    3. Sun - for maintaining above a temperature limit
      (uses heat mode and available only to pairing that has heat mode)
  4. Tap the Water drop icon
  5. Tap and drag the humidity percentage bubble until it shows the humidity you'd like your room to be maintained below

In Away mode, your air conditioner or heat pump will turn on and dry the room if the room is measured to be higher than your set target (as measured by the Ambi Climate device). It will dry until the room temperature is 7% below your set target and switch off.  This monitoring process is continued until you switch to another mode/off manually or through timers or API.

Our AI will monitor the progress and switch off your system if your target indoor temperature hasn't been achieved in 100 minutes. It will then switch on and try again shortly. In the rare case that your system did not receive the initial signal to turn on, this will make sure that the AI will try again.

Please note the default range of humidity allowed is 50 - 100 %. You may also opt to adjust the humidity range limit. Click here to know more.

Examples for maintaining humidity below a percentage(cooling):

a) If the current indoor humidity is at 70% and a target indoor humidity of 60% is set, the A.I. will select a low temperature to cool the room, which draws out humidity in the air, until the room's humidity reaches 53% then your system will be switched off. If Away mode is still in effect, as your room humidity rises past 60%, the A.I. will switch on your system again.

b) If the current indoor humidity is at 50% and a target indoor humidity of 70% is set, the A.I. will not send any signals to your system since the room is still within your target humidity range. It will switch on if the humidity indoor is 70% and switch off when it reaches 63%.