Using artificial intelligence, settings on your air conditioner or heat pump is automatically selected based on your needs and preferences and also according to how the room is currently.

If you find yourself adjusting your air conditioner or heat pump often because the same temperature feels okay now but too cold/hot after, it's likely because you're affected by more than just temperature! Depending on the local weather, your metabolic cycle, the humidity and how sunlight is impact your room, the same temperature won't feel the same. Our A.I. will learn how these factors impact you and adjust accordingly as the conditions change in your room.

If you find yourself waking up too cold but setting the temperature any higher at night would be too hot to fall asleep? When we sleep and don't move for hours and haven't eaten for 8 hours, our body temperature will be lower.
In Comfort mode, our A.I. learns your preferences, and through your feedback we'll learn what is appropriate at night, and if it's too cold in the morning let the A.I. know through feedback. It'll learn that you need it cooler at night and slightly warmer in the mornings. You'll find that the A.I. will slightly raise the temperature overnight so that you don't wake up freezing.