How Ambi AI Works:

For our A.I. to learn your comfort preferences, you will need to provide feedback in different conditions at different times. 

For example, if you feel cold in the morning, give “A Bit Cold” “or however cold you are feeling.  Then if you feel too hot in the afternoon, give Ambi the relevant feedback.  As our unique machine learning technique gathers more data and learns from your feedback, it will personalize your comfort settings for you.  


How to Train Ambi AI:

1. Teach Ambi your comfort preferences by giving feedback, such as hot, cold, comfy, etc.

2. Provide feedback 2-3x a day in the first week at different times throughout the day and evening.

3. After a minimum of 20 feedback (in at least 1 week), Ambi will be able to start tailoring the settings to your comfort preferences. 

4. Continue to give feedback every day for 1 month so that Ambi can fully tailor to your comfort preferences.


Tip:  As seasons change, it is important to continue to provide feedback for our AI to adapt. Our bodies acclimatize to the local weather so what feels comfortable at the beginning of a season may be different at the end of the season.


The more variety of feedback (such as the different ranges of hot and cold), the better our AI is at analyzing the range that it can adjust your room conditions and provide you with a more comfortable environment.