In Comfort mode, there's no need to think about what temperature you feel best in. The control is based on your feedback and that reflects how you feel in a certain time and condition. 


Based on our research, we find that the majority of our users are not impacted by temperature but by other factors such as weather and humidity. 


The same temperature may feel different to you in different conditions. For example, when the temperature is 25 degrees when humidity is 40% may feel okay, but if humidity was 70%, it'll feel more stuffy. Similarly, 25 degrees when the sun is shining and heating up your room or when it's raining or windy outside, feels much different. That's why controlling based on temperature alone is not enough for us to feel comfortable. With the help of machine learning, we can consider multiple factors and how they impact us when controlling our AC, so that the environment feels more stable and consistent throughout the day, despite our needs may differ from day to night or in different seasons.