Applet Creation

An applet is an application programmed to perform a set of functions under pre-determined set of conditions.

You could select a few existing applets ready for your use or you could create your own applets.

To create an applet, you would need to fill in triggers and actions.

Click on "My Applets > Look for "+" > Select "+this"

Creating a Trigger:

  1. Select trigger service (i.e. Ambi Climate)
  2. Choose a trigger from the list available

Creating an Action:

  1. Select action service (i.e. Ambi Climate)
  2. Choose an action from the list available

Every trigger and action selected will have certain conditions that you would need to select. Ensure that you select the right condition that suits you.

You are given the option to choose whether you would want to receive notifications when this applet runs.

Click on "Finish" to enable the applet.