This is when you can't find your remote model number OR if your model is not already listed. To Auto pair, you will need your air conditioner or heat pump remote and press the "mode" button while pointing at the Ambi Climate for the device to capture the codes and match automatically to our database of remotes.

  1.  Select "Remote not listed or can't find your remote?" option on the 'AC Pairing' section.

  2. Ensure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Ambi Climate device (e.g. your home network)
  3. Point your remote at the Ambi Climate and follow the on-screen instructions to capture all modes available to your remote.    
    If your remote doesn't have a singular "MODE" button, select Don't have a MODE button, and follow the on-screen instructions to capture the different modes available to your AC (e.g. Cool, Fan, Dry, Heat, Auto)
  4. After you press the mode button, Ambi Climate (not the AC) will beep for every successful mode capture, and the app screen will refresh, select Next to proceed to capturing the remaining modes.
  5. Once you've captured all the modes, select Done. 
  6. Once a remote pairing has been selected as a comparable alternative, our system will prepare a test signal to test the compatibility with your AC. Select Start Test

  7. If your air conditioner or heat pump beeps (not the Ambi Climate), it means the remote pairing is suitable for your system. Select Yes.
    If the system did not beep, select No.
    You'll be provided another alternative to test with.

  8. Pairing successful. You will receive your remote details along with its standard features. Learn more about features we support.
    Ideally upon successful pairing, you will have access to the standard features available to your remote.
    If you are missing certain features, click here to see how to proceed.

  9. You can start using Ambi Climate now. Since you're using an alternative remote to control your system, you may wish to test the compatibility fully.