Placement of the Ambi Climate will impact how it performs.

  • 2-5 meters to air conditioner or heat pump
    Ambi Climate uses infrared to communicate with your system. It should be placed with a minimum of 2 meters (to be away from airflow) and a maximum of 5 meters, clear of any obstructions to the air conditioner or heat pump.

  • Closest to where you are
    For our A.I to analyze your environment, Ambi Climate should be placed where you spend your time most in the room. Regardless of the room size, your room is made of many pockets of air, and different pockets will have slight differences in temperature and humidity. To enjoy personalised settings, place the device closest to where you normally spend your time in the room, so that it can best reflect the environment you are in. Example: next to your bed in your room, your desk at your office, or your sofa in your living room.

  • Away from airflow of air conditioner or heat pump and heat emitting sources
    It should not be placed directly in front of the air conditioner or heat pump where the air flow will impact the readings of the sensor. There are 7 infrared emitters located at the top of the device, just behind the black infrared windows. The 7 emitters are angled to send signals to the front, back and top of the device. As long as the device is not covered or blocked, the signals will reach your system.

    Just like the air flow of your air conditioner or heat pump will cause the sensors to fluctuate and impact performance, placing the device near heat emitting sources such as next to windows where sunlight will impact directly or near TVs or other electronics that emit heat will also affect the sensor readings. 

Other things to consider:

  • The device should be placed on a non-insulating flat surface (fabric-covered surfaces are not recommended)
    If the device is placed on insulating surface, the device will read warmer than expected temperature. If this cannot be prevented, please consider using the temperature calibration feature to calibrate the sensors.

  • Within range of your Wi-Fi signal (close to your router if possible)