The LED light will pulse, flash and blink to signify the different stages of the setup. 

On plugin to power, the device starts booting up. During this time, the device cannot execute on any commands and will ignore reset actions. Roughly takes 30seconds

The LED will be in a breathing pattern:

Once the device has completed bootup, it will start broadcasting Ambi WiFi (if not yet setup) and is ready to connect to network.

The LED will be in a slow blinking pattern: 

If the device has received and stored the network credentials to connect to your home WiFi, it will change to a different pattern.

The LED will be fast blinking:

A setup device that has power and steady connection to your network will be in static Teal color.
The LED will look like this:

LED amber light error indicator

Apart from the LED sequence during setup, you may also observe that different sequence of amber light may occasionally appear as you use the device. This may be due to:

  • the device firmware updating (no lights) and once done will reconnect
  • unstable internet connection causing device to disconnect. The device will automatically reconnect without your involvement, there is no need to reset. The lights will change from pulse -> flash -> blink -> turn teal
  • time out from multiple connection attempts - device will reboot to force re-connection.