1. You may be paired to an incorrect remote (For recent setups)
    • How did you pair your device at setup?
    • If you've tested your pairing to be working in Manual mode, see below points.
  2. Is this a recurring issue that happens to all commands or to only some commands?
    • Recurring
      • How far is the device from your air conditioner or heat pump? Does it have clear line of sight without obstruction from shelves and objects? Is it within 4 meters away from your system? See here for placement guidelines. Move the device closer (min. 2 meters from your system) and try the signal again.
      • Is it happening to only certain commands or all commands? 
    • Occasionally
      • Is your device connected or your phone connected to the internet at that time?
        Check in Analytics> Deployments that the controls you just sent are logged in the app. 
    • Is your device close to the window and this happens at times of the day where the sunlight is shining bright? There is a lot of infrared interference from sunlight and your system's infrared receiver may be blocking out the signal. Since the physical remote sends infrared in one narrow beam, it has a better chance of reaching your system.

Contact in-app support and let us know your situation and the time and date that these happened and we'll help diagnose.