This error happens between the point you've connected to Ambi Wifi and before entering your network credentials for setup, because the app cannot communicate or get a response from the device.

  • (Android)This error could also be when the device loses connection to your phone as your phone automatically switches to another connection (Smart Swithing) that has internet access (Ambi WiFi has no internet access).
    To avoid this:
    1. Make sure the mobile is keep connecting to Ambi Wifi, by:
         a. Disable mobile data network and use Wifi Only OR
         b. Disable the "Auto network switch" feature in Android's Setting 
    2. Go to Android Settings -> Wi-Fi Settings -> Saved networks -> Forget AmbiClimate Wifi.

      Then try setup again.

  • (iOS+Android) Power cycle the Ambi Climate device and try setup again. If the setup fails, contact in-app support to further check the setup logs.