Ambi Climate has an IR receive feature. If you find your Ambi Climate is beeping and reacting to signals that isn't your remote or controlled by you, click here to learn why it's happening.

We recommend disabling the IR receive feature if you have this issue. You should note that by disabling the feature:

  • Ambi Climate will no longer beep or react to other remotes, including your original remote.
  • You will need to use the phone app to turn off any smart mode manually. If you use your remote, you'll have to resync the app to the state of your air conditioner or heat pump by pressing off 1-2 times until the app shows off same as your system.
  • Ambi Climate will not sync with adjustments you make with your original remote.
  • If you change your remote pairing, the fix will not transfer over. You will need to disable the settings again for your new remote.

To disable the IR receive function:

  1. Select "Device">"Settings"
  2. Under "Settings">Select "AC Pairing"
  3. Switch OFF the option to "Receive Remote Signal"