Adjusting your Ambi Climate device settings

Device Location

Change or rename your current location and room.

AC Pair

Choose an air conditioner or heat pump remote that is compatible to Ambi Climate. 

Properly pair your remote to Ambi Climate to ensure that all buttons/modes are working.

Wi-Fi Settings


Select this option to change your Wi-Fi settings/credentials. Take note that this step will require you to reset your device. Please take note of the possible implications of the reset.

You may also choose to disable 802.11n to better improve the stability of your Wi-Fi connection.

User Management

As an admin, you can invite users and share access to your device.

Change Wallpaper

Customize the background to each device on the Ambi Climate app. 

Sensor Calibration

Calibrate your sensor if you would like to synchronize your Ambi Climate's sensor readings to other sensors you have. 

If you have a thermometer or any other sensors you are currently using and they show a different reading, you may opt to calibrate the Ambi Climate sensor readings so they are synchronized. 

LED Brightness

The Ambi Climate LED will adjust automatically according to the brightness level in the room. If you find it too bright or too dim, you can adjust the brightness to your preference.

Beeper Loudness

Ambi Climate has an IR receive feature where it will beep in response when it receives infrared signals that are similar to your remote pairing to let you know that it's received it and have synchronized the status in the app. If you find the beep is too faint or too loud, you can adjust it to your preference.

Device Check

You can check the following status of your device

  • WiFi connectivity and strength 
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Firmware (hardware) version

Remove Device

With the removal of a device, the association to your device will be removed and you may lose all the data and settings to this device. If you no longer own this device, you can remove it here. If you accidentally removed it, click here.