All app-related settings and the support features are organized in the settings screen. 

You can find this screen if you select the back arrow from the device screen on iOS or select return function on Android.

Contact Us

Send us a message anytime if you have any questions or any problems with your device. We will respond to you as soon as possible. View and keep track of conversations you have with our support team.

User Guide
View the user guide for your reference.

View the glossary for an explanation of certain terms used throughout our guide.

Facebook User Group
Follow us on Facebook to keep you updated with the latest news and updates from Ambi.

Reset Tutorials
Enable the tutorial instructions on the main interface.

Select the language you prefer. We currently have several languages for you to choose from.

Units of Temperature
Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit as your desired display temperature unit.

App Status
View the current Ambi Climate app version you are using and your phone's connectivity to our cloud system and our system status.

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