This error will show if the app notices that your phone cannot detect, or loses connection with the Ambi WiFi after attempted connection. 

Assuming this is the first time you are setting up the device (device does not have any network credentials stored), Ambi WiFi should be broadcasting after the device finish booting up. See here for how the LED flashes in correspondence to the setup stages. If you are setting up your device again to a different location or to a different network, click here for information on how to reset.

 If your phone cannot detect Ambi WiFi from the wireless network list, 

  1. Power cycle the Ambi Climate device and try setup again. If the setup fails, contact in-app support to further check the setup logs.
  2. If you are getting this message during setup, navigate to your phone's WiFi settings and check to see if Ambi WiFi is still detected and connected.