If you've used Auto Pairing to match your remote, you are using an alternative remote that is similar to yours. Sometimes different brands share the same remote codes and sometimes remote models that are similar in model number may have different settings available. 

Ambi Climate supports all the standard features

  • AC modes (Cool, Dry, Fan, Auto, Heat)
  • Temperature adjustments
  • Fan settings
  • Louver/Swing settings

If you are missing certain features:

1. Click on 'Missing Something' at the end of the Pairing process.

2. This will prompt you to fill in certain details about your air conditioner or heat pump:


        a) Brand/Manufacturer

        b) Model Number

        c) Supported Modes (ex. Auto, cool, dry, fan, heat)

        d) Attach a photo of your air conditioner or heat pump's information label

3. Fill in remote control information:

        a) Remote brand/manufacturer

        b) Remote model number

        c) Photo of remote (front side)

        d) Photo of remote (back side)

4. Fill in auto pairing remote feedback

5. Submit these details and our support staff will get in touch with you to either perform a capture call or suggest an alternative remote that has the feature you need.