Here are a couple things to check:

  • Is your router setup to broadcast 2.4Ghz network? ( Ambi Climate can only view 2.4Ghz networks, any other Wi-Fi networks will not be detected)
  • Is your network hidden?
  • Is the WiFi signal strength in the location you are setting up strong and stable?

Assuming your network fits the criteria, your home Wi-Fi network should be detected.

If your Wi-Fi still cannot be detected:

  1. Power cycle your router
  2. Power cycle the Ambi Climate device
  3. If you still cannot see your wifi network but can see other networks, exit setup and check in your phone wireless settings that your WiFi network is listed and detected in your current location. If it is, enter the SSID and password manually.
  4. If the above doesn't work, create a hotspot with another phone or computer and try connecting to this hotspot. If this works, contact in-app support so we can help troubleshoot why it wasn't working for your home network.