Ambi Climate A.I. will automatically choose the air conditioner or heat pump mode and temperature settings.

The settings under Comfort mode is slightly different to the settings in other modes (Temperature, Away, Manual).

Under Comfort mode, you have:

Mode Feedback

Other than giving feedback on how you currently feel, you can also let the A.I. know if you'd prefer a particular air conditioner mode at that moment. By tapping on the air conditioner Mode you'd like right now, our A.I. will learn that in this particular condition, you have a preference on the air conditioner mode and start to employ this mode in its settings in the future.

*Remember to enable the air conditioner modes you want to use under "A.I. Controls".

AC Controls

Settings such as Fan, Louver, Swing is manually selected by the user. Select your preferred settings accordingly.

Your system will continue using the setting that you have selected.

Learn more about controlling your air conditioner fan setting and what to do if you notice features your air conditioner doesn't have.

Please note that air conditioner modes shown on this screen will vary depending on your air conditioner model as well as the air conditioner pairing.