Insights will give you a better understanding of your usage metrics.

AC Run Time

The AC Run Time report provides your air conditioner or heat pump usage over the last 4 weeks. 

It displays a comparison of the last 7 days against the previous 3 weeks for greater insight into your usage patterns.

Average AC Set Point 

The average Set Point is displayed over each of the last 4 weeks giving you insight into what your system has been set to on average. The higher the average, the more energy you potentially save. If this is higher than what you normally set your system to manually, then you've experienced better comfort while being eco-conscious and potentially saved money on those bills!

Temperature and Humidity 

The seven day temperature and humidity graph helps you understand the correlation between indoor and outdoor conditions. 

The indoor temperature average also indicates how much you've used your system whilst the average indoor humidity provides you insights for better mold prevention. 

Mode Usage 

Gain granular insights on how you have utilized Ambi Climate to maintain a comfortable environment. 

View how many hours your system was managed under each mode.

Comfort Feedback Learned 

The Comfort Map displays the accumulation of feedback given the current weather condition while in comfort mode

Where no feedback is given, the adjustments are less personalized and uses the average user model. 

Use this graph to gain a better understanding of your comfort preference during a specific weather condition at a certain time of the day

*Take note that the data you will see will vary as we have different weather conditions.

Importance of Comfort Factors

Comfort is not just about temperature. You can understand which factors affect your comfort preference most while using Ambi Climate. 

A peaking axis for a certain factor indicates that this factor plays a large role in your comfort.