This is the simplest method of pairing your device to your air conditioner or heat pump remote if you know the remote model brand and number AND it is already supported and available in the list. Check here for a list of supported remotes. If you don't find your remote model number, try Auto Pairing.


  1. Go to Device > Settings> AC Pairing > Key in the model number of your AC remote (usually found on the front/back/inside battery compartment of your remote)

  2. Once a remote pairing has been selected, our system will prepare a test signal to test the compatibility with your system. Select Start Test

  3. If your air conditioner or heat pump beeps (not the Ambi Climate), it means the remote pairing is suitable for your system. Select Yes.

    If the system did not beep, select No.
    Please double check to make sure you are pairing with the exact remote model and try again.

  4. Pairing successful. You will receive your remote details along with its standard features. Learn more about features we support.


    Ideally upon successful pairing, you will have access to the standard features available to your remote.
    If you are missing certain features, click here to see how to proceed.


    Click on "confirm" to finish the AC pairing.