Here's are the steps to get your Ambi Climate up and running. Refer to instructions for each step if you need more information.

Setup and validate your Ambi Climate account

  1. Place your Ambi Climate closest to where you are within 2-5m of the air conditioner or heat pump
  2. Login to your Ambi Climate account
  3. Add your Ambi Climate device
  4. Create the location and name your Device
  5. Connect to Ambi Climate WiFi
  6. Connect Ambi Climate to your home network
  7. Connect your Ambi Climate to your air conditioner or heat pump through Manual Pair or Auto Pair
  8. (Optional) Share access of your device to family members

The Ambi Climate LED light will be solid when it is properly set up and connected.
For Ambi Climate 2, the LED light is Teal color.
For Ambi Climate 1, the three LEDs is Green and will all light up.

The LED light will only display a different color if it encounters connection issues. Click here to see how the LED sequence changes and what they mean.