The Smart Home skill provides a simpler way for you to switch on/off and set particular settings just like a remote through voice control with shorter command line, where there is no need to mention "tell/ask Ambi Climate".

The Smart Home Skill must follow the Alexa Smart Home Skill framework, where Ambi Climate is treated like a thermostat so only Manual mode controls are allowed. You'll need to say a command for each setting you'd like to set.

For example, if you wanted the AC to switch on to Cool mode, temperature 24, say:

"Alexa, switch on {room}" - By default it will switch on to the mode and temperature it was last on in Manual mode. If it wasn't at Cool mode temperature 24, you'll have to follow up with a command

"Alexa, change {room} to Cool"

"Alexa, set the temperature in {room} to 24"

If you only have one device, there is no need to name the {room}. You can substitute it with "AC".

If you want to quickly switch back into Comfort mode through Alexa, you can give a feedback using the Custom Skill, it would switch into Comfort mode

Click here to see the list of known Smart Home skill commands.