After you've setup your Echo or other Alexa devices, you can setup the Smart Home Skill.

  1. From the Amazon App menu, select "Skills"
  2. Search for "Ambi Climate Smart Home"
  3.  Enable skill
  4. You'll be redirected to our API page to connect your Ambi Climate account. Sign in using your Ambi Climate app login credentials.
  5. Discover your devices by exiting the screen and select "Discover Devices"
  6. Here's how your screen would look like if you've successfully discovered your devices. Note: the device(s) discovered will show as a thermostat icon
    You can edit the room names if you tap the room, select additional options menu and edit the name. Note that this only changes the naming in the Alexa App and does not affect your Ambi Climate app naming.
  7. Learn how what you can do using the Smart Home Skill