We're used to controlling our air conditioners or heat pumps based on temperature and most of us only use power on/off and a couple temperature settings. However, many of us experience problems temperature based controls.
To name a few:

  1. The temperature was great for falling asleep but is too cold to wake to
  2. Keep having to adjust the temperature or switching on and off to stay comfortable
  3. Sometimes the indoor temperature is cool enough but the humidity makes it feel stuffy
  4. The room suddenly becomes much colder if it's raining outside/Room takes much longer to cool or feels warmer when the sun is shining bright

The reason why it is difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature is that many other factors impact our comfort, not just temperature. Your metabolic cycle changes throughout the day, weather and seasonal changes, indoor conditions, etc. This is why we need to consider multiple factors in our environment when controlling our air conditioner or heat pump, so even as there are changes, we're adapting the settings so that it feels consistent to us.

It is impossible for our brains to balance multiple factors at the same time when deciding on a setting, which makes this a perfect problem for machine learning to solve. 

Ambi Climate uses A.I. to learn about 

  1. You
  2. Your environment
  3. Your air conditioner or heat pump performance