Ambi Climate's geolocation features allows you to automatically switch on and off your air conditioner or heat pump based on the the location of your phone relative to location of your device.

If you have set up your device location correctly during setup (click here to see how you could correct it), you could set what you'd like Ambi Climate to do if you've entered or exit the zone where your device is located.

Using your phone's network and GPS, it determines if you are inside or outside the zone.

Good news is, if you are not on a fixed schedule, but would love to have the air conditioner or heat pump switch on to cool/heat the house before you get home, and to switch off when you leave automatically, this geolocation feature now makes it possible!

You must enable "Location Services" on your mobile phone at all times to make sure that the geolocation feature works as expected.

Learn more on how to set up geolocation.

Multi-User Geolocation
Ambi Climate is smart enough to only turn on the air conditioner or heat pump when the first person arrives, and off when the last one leaves. Simply ensure all users have the Ambi Climate app and their location service activated. Click here for multi-user geolocation setup.