What is comfort mode?

This mode is based on your preferences. The A.I. will adjust the settings according to the prediction of your comfort. In the first week of usage you will need to give feedback about your comfort in different climate conditions and different times. Our A.I. collects the readings from the sensors in the device and analyzes these against your feedback to understand why you feel a certain way. This allows us to build your personalized profile and adjust the air conditioner to provide you custom-made comfort. 

You can always let Ambi Climate know if your comfort differs from the estimate by tapping on the comfort status bubble and choosing the status that best describes what you feel, such as a bit warm, too cold, etc; over time this can also reduce over-heating and over-cooling issues you may encounter with a traditional remote, since the A.I. auto adjusts to deliver the optimal temperature. 

Conditions change in different seasons, so remember that the more you teach Ambi Climate, the more tailored comfort you will enjoy year-round.

Read more about how Comfort mode works here.

How do I give feedback?

You can give feedback through the Ambi Climate app.

The mechanism is simple. Just give feedback and the A.I. will do its job. 

Let Ambi Climate know whenever you are hot/cold and it will adjust your air conditioner or heat pump accordingly.